Friday, December 04, 2009

Oh No!!

Thought I had posted this earlier*, but apparently the title was fitting for more than the subject I had in mind... guess that is what happens when you try to post in a hurry.

My favorite running mittens

Discovered this "almost hole" in my mittens the other morning after my run to work. This is sad, very sad. I made these mittens years ago out of a silk/wool blend yarn. They are perfect for most late fall/winter/early spring days when the temps dip below 50 F. When it gets really cold (below 0-10 degrees) I add a pair of liner gloves or, if it is really, really cold (teens below zero to ?) I add another pair of hand knit mittens in a worsted weight wool. I guess I had better go search the stash for the remnants of the skein and see if I can patch these up. The rest of the mitten is in pretty good shape and the left hand mitten is not sporting a matching thin area. Hmmmm - guess being right-handed shows!

Tomorrow morning I will be running the Bridge to Peace 5k. This is the second year for this race (and my second year participating) which is run on Duluth's Lakewalk. They are having to work around some construction so the course will be different this year than last. Like last year, it is snowing in Duluth tonight so the footing should be interesting in the morning ;-> I am still considering racing this all out and seeing what I can do in my last race of 2009. Another PR? Maybe not with snow on the ground but who knows. After the race (and the appropriate amount of socialization and refueling) will head out with Wayne and Rick to run the Lester Park trails. I hear the goal is to get another 7- 10 miles in (they are planning on running the Tuscobia 50K - me, I just like running long ;->).

*apparently I did post this - to another blog I am part of TeamMegaTough. Oops! Again, being in a hurry and posting may not be a good combination.


Chris said...

Did you get them patched before the run??

Jean said...

I hate it when that happens...especially with gloves and favorite pairs of socks!

I hope you had a fun 5k race!

wildknits said...

Seems my socks always wear out in the heel - right about the spot that my road shoes rub my heel raw.

Still need to find the yarn to patch these. While I am at it I will probably reinforce a few more areas that are looking a bit thin.

The race was great! Got first place in my age group (gotta love the small races ;->) - great way to finish up the 2009 race season!

Shelly said...

Yep, Lisa won first place in MY age group!!!
But...she deserved it!! Congrats Speedy!

wildknits said...

Thanks Shelly!