Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October 15th - and I wasn't the one that caved!

The heat is on. A long-time friend stopped by, we went out to eat and when I came home I noticed that special smell that only happens the first day the furnace is turned on (burning dust???).

Granted it was 59 degrees indoors, but I was prepared to deal with it. Apparently the other member of the wildknits household thought our guests may want to be a bit warmer.

Thermostat is set to 60 F. Guess I will leave it there and see how often it kicks on. Goodbye under $100 gas/water/sewer bills! See you next May (or June - it is northern Minnesota after all).

(PS: any theories on where the 2 cm bruise on the outside of my right knee came from? Woke up with it this morning. Even my knee cap feels a little funny. No soccer since Sunday. No memory of bumping into anything...)


Chris said...

Dang, you must've had a really crazy dream, eh? :)

wildknits said...

Best guess so far.

SteveQ said...

Beat you by a day. My bedroom was 52 degrees this morning, so I caved and turned the heat on for 15 minutes.

Jim said...

One advantage of living in a newer, well insulated condo bldg is really low utility costs, stays warm in winter and cool in summer....:-), but I did turn it on a few wks ago, and have it on some days when working at home.

wildknits said...

Heat went back off last night and is still off. Guess he felt like the guests might like to be warm?!

Congratulations Steve on your win! 52, though?! Brrr! The house has not dropped below 57 according to our thermometer (which is in the livingroom and it does feel colder upstairs). I will not last that long! But, will see if we can make it a little longer before leaving the heat on full-time.

Should probably change the filter and vacuum a duct or two in the meantime.

A co-worker says she is not turning the heat on until Nov. 4th (furnace repair date) - but she has an electric heater so it doesn't really count.