Thursday, October 23, 2008


Seen last Saturday on the SHT in my own neighborhood. The camera was unable to fully capture their color - a very nice shade of pale purple (lilac?). Any guesses on which mushroom species this is?

Furnace update: After a brief foray into heating the home on the 15th (guests over) the furnace was turned back off and stayed off until last night. It was 56 inside the house and outdoor temps were not going to be rising anytime soon. Filter was changed and the heat is on for good (unless there is a freak warm front that comes through). Predicting snow for this weekend. Can't complain too much, it has been snowing in Butte for awhile now (family out there).


Chris said...

56F in the house?! Dang. Hardcore. Since I'm still hovering around 66F when I get home, I'm keeping it off. But I do live on the top floor - and I know downstairs is a major temperature wimp.

Jim said...

furnace on, but set low 58.8 outside...68.8 in, darn nice sunny day here in lovely downtown Big Lake....

wildknits said...

After the forecast the sun that appeared today - and the warm temps - are truly a gift. too bad I dug up the garden and planted the garlic while it was still in the 40's, overcast and damp! My hands were pretty numb when I was done. But by the time I got home with the straw the soil had dried a bit - probably better for the garlic in the long run.

Nice sunny days are good for heating the house - don't think the furnace has kicked in all day.