Friday, May 16, 2008

In 14.5 hours...

I will be starting up Moose Mountain in Lutsen on a 25k (15.2 m) race. What will you be doing???

In 10 - 12 hours I will be waking up, preparing some breakfast and coffee (the all important elixar of life), topping off the gas tank, picking up 3 other runners and heading up Hwy 61 for the 2 hour drive to Lutsen.

Right now I am contemplating what to pack for clothes. It is raining, not that I was expecting the trail to be dry anyway. It may be raining - off and on - tomorrow. Temperatures are predicted to bottom out around 40 and reach a high of 50.

Tights or shorts? Long sleeves or short? Vest? Rain coat? Pack one, wear the other? Layers are a good idea, until you try to figure out what to do with them while running through the woods. I think I may be safe to leave the mittens and wool hat at home. Maybe I will pack them anyway in case the wind is off the Lake.

My plan is to have everything packed and ready to go, with my base layer laid out and ready to put on. I am not a morning person (this may be an slight understatemnent), so cannot leave packing until the morning. I am still trying to figure out what to do about my orthotics.

They are custom-made, but only half-length. This means with every new pair of runnng shoes I take out the stock insoles, cut them, and use the toe bits for the front of my foot with the orthotic for the arch and heel. Works well except.... when my shoes (specifically my left) get really wet. Then the toe bit slides back and over the orthotic. Not too uncomfortable during short runs, but I am not sure I can put up with it for 15 miles.

Did I mention I wxpect to have wet feet tomorrow?!

Yeah. Options include:

1. Not wearing the custom orthotics, but using my as-yet-uncut stock insoles and hoping that the nature of this trail race and my motion-control shoes keep me from an injury caused by over-pronation.

2. Use my insoles and orthotics as I usually do, stopping on occasion to readjust if need be (mucking up my race time).

3. Gluing or taping the stock insole toe bits in place so they cannot slide over my orthotics.

Any suggestions???

Sometime within the next week look for a race report on my first Superior 25K (and my longest race ever).

Ran only one time since last Sunday - part of my taper plan, minus a couple of runs. Did bike to work today, and home - up hill. I took it very easy as I do not want to tire my legs out now.

The NMTC Goat Run was a good time, though I was swayed by my peers to follow a "new" trail that took us off course and may - or may not - have shortened our total run. Not sure of total distance, though I did not shave off that much time compared to previous years. I have been averaging about 5 minutes faster at each race this series.

The standings for the series have been posted on Northland Runner. Consistency and showing up really do pay off ;->

OKC: Still working on the Baby Surprise and still neglecting my other two projects.

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Chris said...

Good luck tomorrow! Hmm, maybe duct tape on the bottom, taping the two parts together? (Will you be able to use GooGone or something like that to remove the tape goo later, or will it damage the orthotics?)