Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Near totality at about 9:00 pm CST.

It was a bit chilly trying to capture pictures of the eclipse tonight. Minus 2 F (minus 18.8 C). Hard to hold the camera steady enough for a good photo, but perseverance pays off.

Ran outside today, as usual. I think the temps were just above zero, mild wind from the north or west, depending on who you believe. Either way, not too much wind so windchill not to bad overall. Getting faster with each run! Todays run felt pretty good and came in just around 9 minutes/mile. Not bad for the conditions and this old body.

Training for the Superior Trail 25K is going well so far. Long run of 8 miles last weekend went well, felt easier than the 7 miles the previous weekend! This weekend is scheduled to be a "step back" week, long run of only 6 miles. Then back to longer runs. Luckily temperatures have been rising on the weekends so my long runs have been in the above zero range. Little easier to contemplate running for over an hour when the temps are closer to freezing than zero.

On the knitting front:

Not too much happening. Working on the scarf and the healing shawl. Keep eyeing up the hanks of merino/silk blend and the new doublepoint needles but no inspiration yet (plus I am trying to limit myself to three projects at a time - the bird mitten is getting lonely for its pair).

Stay warm!

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Chris said...

Oh, that's a great picture!! I was a wimp - I viewed it from inside, so didn't even both trying to get pictures.