Monday, January 28, 2008

Embossed Leaves Socks

Details of toe shaping:

On the needles right now: another scarf. I had used up most of a skein of vintage stash yarn working up a scarf only to discover that I was going to run out of yarn before the scarf was of appropriate length. So, off to the frog pond I went (dragging my daughter along) and the scarf is being reborn in a lacier, narrower pattern. Hopefully this solves the lack of yarn problem.

The bird mittens are languishing in their bag, waiting for my undivided attention.

The box from Knitpicks is still not here. Apparently it needs to sit in Brooklyn Park for many days before making its way to Duluth. Thank the knitting spirits that I live very close to the main post office in Duluth or who knows how long it would take to traverse the city! My guess is it will arrive tomorrow when I am at work, though there is the possibility that it will be delivered before I have to be to work at 11:30.

Weather could be a problem, they are predicting a return to the cold, with snow and winds. Obviously I got too excited about the opportunity to run in warm(er) temps and am now going to pay for it. Send warm thoughts tomorrow and Wednesday as the plan is to be out there putting in the miles ;->

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Chris said...


Pretty socks!!

I hate it when you're tracking a box and it stops somewhere inexplicably for a few days. I want to call and say "Hey, I think you pushed me box out sight behind something..."