Saturday, December 01, 2007


Yeah, it is really snowing!

The bummer is that it is snowing so much that there have had to be cancellations of a few events, one of which my daughter worked very hard at organizing (World AIDs Day - Harbor City International School).

The city of Duluth has far fewer plow drivers than they did 10 years ago. Guess what the roads are like?

On the bright side this means my cross-country skis may get some use this year. Today though, I think I will work on the "celtic cable" mittens. One done, one to go. I have already had a request for a pair of pink and white mittens - preferably in some type of colorwork pattern.

Stay safe and warm wherever you are!

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Chris said...

It's snowing here, too!! I had to drop Kristi off in White Bear Lake at noon, so I had an exciting drive earlier - 25 mph on 94 on the way back, lanes determined by consensus...

Bummer about that event - will they be able to reschedule it?