Saturday, December 08, 2007

Running - and walking - at 11 below (air temperature, windchill rumoured to be minus 24)

A before the run shot as we gathered:

What we looked like 45 minutes later:

Photos of a long-time UFO that was completed last night. Perfect timing as the temps are plummeting.

And the finished mittens of my own design. Realized that the contrast between the two yarns isn't quite enough. Guess I will have to make another pair :->

And the two projects together:

Note the snow - yup, we have about 3 feet of the lovely white stuff in the yard. Still have a barely plowed out road. But the skiing is awesome!!

For those wondering how you dress for these temps see my previous post but add: long-sleeved lightweight fleece over the sporthill running top, subtract the vest, add some Warm Skin applied to face and hands. I was toasty warm for the whole run without being too warm.

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Chris said...

Is that a quilt or an afghan?? It turned out well. I refuse to believe I could be warm at those temps.