Wednesday, October 17, 2018

100% Rye Sourdough - the completed loaves

Rye bread is not caraway - though you would think so in the United States. I personally am not much of a caraway fan, but rather like rye (as does my gut).

The recipe I used makes a rather sticky, batter like dough that needs to be baked in loaf pans. Once it had doubled in size I gave it a good stir to take the gases out and poured it into two loaf pans (prepped with coconut oil and flour to prevent sticking) and set it to rise again.

Three hours later (post NMTC run/race):
Marks left by plastic bag I had covered the loaves with - where they touched
the dough a bit came off, luckily not deflating the loaves entirely. 
 Decent rise height for a sourdough (no added commercial yeast):

The directions stated to sprinkle the loaves with a bit of rye flour. I am not entirely sure of the point and will probably skip that in the future. The oven is preheated to 450 F and when you put the loaves in you immediately turn the heat down to 350 F. After 35-40 minutes of baking (pretty quick for bread) out came two nicely browned loaves, that had a nice hollow sound then thumped.

I think I showed great restraint in not slicing into the loaf immediately (recipe says to cool for several hours). I did break down and only let it cool a couple of hours. Yum!! Shared some slices with friends that were over for knitting night and they agreed - a good bread. 

I am enjoying the ability to make sandwiches again! And to have bread as a side to a meal.

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