Asters & Snow

Asters & Snow

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Great Falls, Montana

Visiting family for the holidays. Have gotten a couple of runs in on the River's Edge Trail (paved Rails to Trails conversion) including 13.5 miles today with temps in the single digits above zero. Lots of fresh snow in the past few days so the single-track trails in town were buried. I gave them a brief try today but post-holing for several miles isn't a lot of fun; especially when a few of those would have been into a 15 mph headwind. Unlike many parts of Duluth there are no trees to break the wind. My outbound tracks were obscured by the time I turned around today (on the eastern end of my run).

Scenes from today's run along the Missouri River:
Lewis, Clark and Sacajawea Sculpture

River's Edge Trail map
And a cute grandson photo just because:

A bee stowed away in my luggage much to G's delight
Tomorrow we are off to the mountains so the "kids" can ski, and G and I will hang out. Then possibly back to the mountains on Christmas day to explore and hike.

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