Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Photos From the Past Week

While performing trail maintenance (weed whipping and lopping) on the SHT in Duluth:

Cool flowers on a Scotch Pine

The weed whips taking a break and admiring the view

Looking east

Looking west

Monday Night Fatbike rides continue. This time with a foray to the Fond du Lac neighborhood to ride the St. Louis River Trail and explore along the old road to the Thompson Dam:

Yellow Lady Slippers and my Framed Wolftrax

Yellow Lady Slippers

An overhead view

Framed Wolftrax; Backcountry Stitchworts frame bag, the Thompson Dam and some cool clouds

Wind Anemone
 While putzing around my yard today, pulling some weeds I discovered these funky fungi at the base of a lilac tree. The the best of my, admittedly not great, mushroom identification skills these appear to be Xylaria polymorpha (Dead Man's Fingers). This does not bode well for the lilac's survival in the long-term (causes soft rot) but I am not too concerned as I have seen this mushroom here several years ago.

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