Tuesday, March 04, 2014

A Plea to Drivers

Seen on my run to work today:
- one SUV with the windows 95% frosted over, only a small area near the center of hood clear, at least a half mile from the nearest house, on a road with several sharp curves
- one car driving in the shoulder, and nearly on the buried under 5 feet of snow sidewalk, around a blind curve
- one driver, busy fussing with her cigarette and not looking at her surroundings while driving on a curvy road
- several drivers who never bothered to look right before pulling into controlled intersections
- several drivers who did not stop at a stop sign, or at least in the designated area, before proceeding through an intersection

We received 1-1.5" of snow last night and the streets were slick. So slick I went down at an intersection despite having screws in my shoes.

Folks - please take the time to:
- clear your windows completely before leaving home
- stay in your lane
- focus on your surroundings
- slow down before you reach an intersection and actually stop at the stop sign
- look left, right, left before proceeding through any intersection

We all get in a hurry, especially on snowy days, but think how much slower your commute will be after you hit a pedestrian or bicyclist.

Share the streets!

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