Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday's are for Running to - and from - Work

Sun just peeking through the clouds over Lake Superior


Looking east as I round the hairpin curve on Skyline Boulevard

Today's route involved a traverse of 40th Ave W. Much of this road washed away in the flood of June 2012
 I keep wishing we would get a serious snowstorm so I could bring a sled over and make a run or two down this hill. It is over half a mile long with some great turns. But alas, we seem to specialize in spotty snow and rain now.

A local biker is a regular on this route, as are a few dog walkers.

Some of the damage on the upper portion of the road. 


A peek at one of the washed out sections of road - in this spot at least half of the roadway is gone. The ditch is over 6 feet deep.

Just a little frosty. It was about 9 degrees when I left home.

On the run home.


Samantha said...

So pretty! I keep saying I'm going to start bringing my camera and take a picture every morning on Skyline but I haven't done that yet.

Jordan Hanlon said...

Great shots! A 1/2 mile sledding hill would be awesome. You could do hill repeats and sled down.

wildknits said...

Ooh... I like your thought process Jordan!

This is a doozy of a hill for repeats. And we just got a few inches of fluffy snow. Now to kick this nasty virus I managed to pick up. It is ruining my running plans for tomorrow!

Jean said...

Awesome photos! That is a gorgeous journey to work. The sunrise over the harbor is extraordinary!