Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Sweepers View of the Half Voyageur Trail Marathon

Brief update:

 - registered for the Half Voyageur Trail Marathon months ago. This race took place today.
 - have been in a running slump (multiple causes) of late
 - it's been hot out. I live in northern Minnesota for many reasons, one of them being I like cooler weather
 - registered for Minnesota Voyageur Trail Ultra (50 miles) months ago. This race takes place in two weeks.
 - due to the above I decided that rather than racing today (Half Voyageur) I would sweep instead. This would take the pressure off but still allow me to cover the distance, help the race director out, and get some serious time on my feet practicing power hiking and hopefully gaining some adaptation to the heat and humidity.
 - photos from today's event:

Half Voyageur Trail Marathon - 2012 Special Edition


ak said...

Hi there - I ran this event and would love to snag a couple of your pictures and put on my blog. That ok?

Thanks much.

wildknits said...

ak - you are welcome to use the photos, just please credit me as the photographer. You should be able to download them off of Picasa, if not send me quick note with your email and I will send you the full resolution photos.

Thanks for the compliment BTW.

Half Voyageur was my first marathon ever as well. On a Jarrow's Beach year as well. Granted, you got the "special course" this year which is truly Half of Voyageur (course came out to 25 miles; best we could do with only a few weeks between the flood and the event).

Glad you had fun out there. This is one of my favorite races and is what set me on the slippery slope to ultras.

ak said...

Awesome - thanks, appreciate it. I might pick your brain if I run into you at an event in the future.