Monday, February 20, 2012

First pedal of 2012

Took advantage of my day off, the warm temperatures and the recent dusting of snow to get out on the mountain bike for a little spin down the Bay with Mr. Wildknits. There was a brisk wind from the southeast so we turned left off the Sky Harbor Airport ramp and headed down the point toward the Superior entry first.

It was pleasant riding and I quickly warmed up and started to unzip my layers. We stopped at the old Boathouse as there was open water nearby. No point risking wet feet. On the return trip I stopped to snap a few photos:

Pressure ridge on the Bay

GFM leaning on a pressure ridge with Sky Harbor Airport in the background

The elusive Mr. Wildknits in his native habitat....

After the break we headed "up" the point, towards town. We again turned around at a boathouse - this time the one belonging to the Duluth Rowing Club. On the way back I suddenly found myself down, with my head bouncing off the ice. WTH?!?! My back tire had slipped out from under me. Even though I was wearing a helmet my head hurt for the rest of the pedal back to the airport (I can only imagine the damage that would have been done without it). I also seemed to have picked up a bruised area on my right shin (bike landing on my leg?).

All in all it was a fun ride and I would do it again.


Doug said...

Hey, a bicycling post! I like!

wildknits said...

I thought of you while I was riding. Ice was quite solid, though we did see a few areas of recently open water.

Six miles total, one biff. Pretty good for my first outing of the year.

L. P. said...

It looks like a wonderful ride. I am glad your head is OK. Ice has not been my friend in the past.

wildknits said...

@L.P. Ice was most definitely not my friend last year. Two falls, one with a head strike - the other I was saved by my backpack (good thing as I was alone and could have laid there for some time if I had been badly injured).

This fall just confirmed the wisdom of *always* wearing a helmet.

It was a delightful ride, deepening my respect for snowbikers who participate in long distance events.