Monday, January 16, 2012

Righteous Real Ale.... the explosion

A new batch of beer was created yesterday, just as we are finishing up the Christmas beer. Fermentation started quickly and was quite vigorous. I expressed a bit of concern about the quantity of hops that could be seen at the top of the carboy but Mr. Wildknits seemed to think all would be fine.

I woke up this morning to find this:

The power of fermentation...

Hops on the kitchen ceiling.

Back in it's container, having cleared its throat of hops.

We slept through it. Which is a bit surprising as we have had a similar explosion in the past and it is quite loud. We live in a small house (some would say tiny at 800 sq ft) so it seems reasonable that we would have heard this.

Some of the hops have been cleaned up, the carboy was put back to rights and fermentation is progressing - still quite vigorously.

There is rumor a bock may be brewed up for this spring....


Jean said...

Wow, adventures in home brewing...holy cow! That is some serious power. This batch of beer deserves a special name! :)

L. P. said...

I wish we had discovered some good brews when we were all together, and discussed some of your adventures in brewing!

wildknits said...

Ah... next time you are in town. There are so many good brewpubs in the area, plus local breweries.

I am just the assistant, but have witnessed some fun times in the kitchen.