Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brief Update

It turns out I have a stress fracture of my right fibula. And I can blame it on the kick during a soccer game on February 20th. Apparently that set the stage and the following weeks' running did me in.

I fought that diagnosis for quite some time and even managed a bit of running here and there until I finally gave in and got x-rayed. At first we didn't see the bit of fuzziness that indicated the fracture. About two weeks later (with a run or two thrown in - and some bike riding) when things weren't getting any better I went in to see a Sports Medicine doctor. He diagnosed the stress fracture based on exam and another look at the x-rays.

So, I now have an air cast/splint and strict instructions to do nothing running related for two weeks. Biking is okay because:
I do not use clipless pedals (so no twisting of the lower leg) and the trails are too muddy for single-track mountain biking, so I will not be riding any technical trails with a chance of falling/needing to get my foot down in a hurry.

The funny thing is my leg is almost too short for the cast so biking is a bit uncomfortable anyway.

The Spring Superior races are off my schedule. I am being allowed my annual spring trip to Isle Royale because it is 3 weeks away and our intent was to base camp anyway. I will not be running the trails out there as originally planned and was told I had to be "very leisurely". Backpacking is out. Lucky for me it is a perfect time for spring wildflowers and now I have a perfect excuse to dawdle along identifying plants and taking lots of photos.

He seems to think I can be back at it in time for Voyageur - if I behave myself, but no PR's ;->

I am already looking at the calendar and thinking that may - or may not - be reasonable. There is always Wild Duluth 100k to look forward to in October though!

On the bright side, not being able to run for the past 7+ weeks did teach me that I can bike in temps down into the 20's in relative comfort (stole a pair of Mr. Wildknits winter gloves).

My knitting is also getting more attention. I finished the toe socks and promptly cast on another pair of socks, this time using a Nancy Bush pattern from Folks Socks. But right now I am very involved in knitting up a 'secret project'.


Doug said...

Sorry to hear this. It will take a lot of patience to let this heal properly. Take it slow and easy.

Mike said...

Sorry to hear as well. You did confirm why I don't like to go back and get a second opinion though.

Heal up, hope to see you on the trails in the fall.

wildknits said...

Thanks Doug and Mike!

It has been so long that I needed to figure out what was really wrong.

Two weeks... That is all I have to wait and then take it really, really easy as I build back up.

Mike - not coming up for Voyageur?

AlisonH said...

I've never heard of an air cast. I'm sitting here picturing miniature air guitars wrapped carefully around it.

Heal well!

wildknits said...

Alison - love it! Fortunately it is rather invisible under my work clothes and everyday attire.

I did make quite the fashion statement the other day when biking home in 60 degree weather in my shorts with one leg swathed in the cast and the very fashionable white terry cloth sock that came with it (and is so long I can fold it over the top and back to my ankle).

The healing seems to be progressing well. No pain any longer with "activities of daily living". 5 more days and I get to take the leg for a test drive (and leave the cast behind).

On the upside - I am cranking out some knitting with all of my free time.