Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Vacation plans...

...have changed.

First my backpacking partner canceled due to illness (heading to a wilderness island in the middle of Lake Superior with a bad virus is not a good idea). So, after determining that no other friend could join me with less than 48 hours notice I switched to Plan B: Solo trip.

The big question when backpacking solo is "Can I fit the gear I need into my pack?". Tent, water pump, stove - those all still need to go and don't change size based on whether one or two people are in the party. I could cut back on food, cook kit, & fuel. Clothing is another issue. The forecast is for wet and cool, which means warm stuff for the non-hiking hours, which tend to be bulky (relatively speaking). I had things laid out and was fitting them into the pack with the plan to finalize things this morning, run some last minute errands and head north by early to mid afternoon with the intent of spending the night in Grand Marais and then catching the ferry early Wednesday morning.

Early this morning I called the ferry line (Grand Portage-Isle Royale Transportation Line Inc) to cancel one of the reservations only to learn that the Voyageur II was still out at Rock Harbor and was not able to leave the dock due to high seas. Their best guess was that the ferry would get back to Grand Portage Wednesday night and then maybe head out at 5:00 am Thursday morning for a round trip run.

As I listened to Don (one of the owners) I thought about my planned itinerary and realized that I would be pushing it to make the trip I had planned - assuming the boat went out Thursday morning. I ended up canceling the trip. There were too many questions and in all reality they weren't even sure they could get out Thursday - all depended on what the Lake had in store.

That leaves me with a week of vacation and the majority of my friends off at races. So... what to do with my time?

Here are the list of options generated so far:
  • Go into work. Ummm... NO! I need a break in order to go back and be a good nurse, co-worker, wife and human being.
  • Help Mr. Wildknits with some work projects. (yesterday I was "opening an airplane" ie: taking out screws and sliding inspection panels open). Hmmm... seems like work to me.
  • Finish the socks I have been working on for months (and at the same time get caught up on my reading).
  • Ride the motorcycle (assuming it stops raining and the gale force winds die down).
My bike and I at Oldenburg Point in Jay Cooke State Park.
(helmet is in my hand - just behind the gas tank in case you are wondering)

  • The Superior Fall Races are this weekend and as I said above I know lots of people running in the various events so multiple opportunities abound there to join one of the races, crew, volunteer or just go from aid station to aid station and cheer.
  • Stay home and do nothing unless I really feel motivated, including running.
So - if faced with a week of unstructured time what would you do!


Londell said...

No question... Come Saturday and see many friends and help out at Oberg a little. Maria did put out the call for help. And I assure you, if I saw you at Oberg I would finish... Mike and Wayne would love it... and many other as well. So please bless us all with you positive attitude and the smile at Superior... I am going to be there from Friday about 10 to Sunday...

wildknits said...


thanks for the kind words! I think Rick put in his bid for crewing and Zach invited me north as well. I am leaning that way, just need to decide in what capacity.

That gives me a few days to finish up those socks!!

Samantha said...

Much as I want you at the 25K, I would probably head up the shore, myself :)

Jean said...

Lisa, sorry to hear your trip got called on account of the weather! Sounds like you will have plenty of options, however. Enjoy your time off, however you choose to spend it!

Kel said...

Sorry to hear that the vacation is "off" - but I'll bet you'll have just as much fun (if not more) hanging out/running/crewing at Superior this weekend ;)

wildknits said...

So - pacing it is. Will join my friend Rick at Crosby and run with him until... well, he says go away or I hand him off to the next pacer ;->

Then will try to get back to my car so that I can follow other runners to the finish.

Vacation at home is an odd thing... too much technology close at hand and too many chores to do!