Saturday, July 24, 2010

Voyageur Trail Ultra - in brief

Finished my first 50 mile race.
More details to follow.


Kel said...


Looking forward to hearing the details :)

Congrats, Lisa!

SteveQ said...

Yay! Beat the cut-off by almost an hour!

wildknits said...

Thanks Kel! May post a report tomorrow.

Steve - yup! I had come through at the Zoo in 5:20 something so even made up some time somewhere along the way.

Mike said...

Way to go Lisa. I look forward to the long report. So what's next :-)

Londell said...

CONGRATS... I recall how great it felt to get that first 50!

wildknits said...

Mike - nothing on the radar yet except the 50K at Wild Duluth. and maybe finding a flat 5k to try and break 22 minutes ;-> But I hear there is a fun 50 in Marquette ;->

Londell - it was good to finish. I had my doubts early on and if it wasn't for my excellent crew and the awesome aid station volunteers I would have pulled the plug very early on.

Helen said...

You did great. Especially when not feeling good for many early miles... that's the sort of performance that confirms you are made for doing this ;)