Sunday, April 04, 2010

April 4, 2010

Seen along the SHT near Enger Tower and in the yard:

Hazelnut flowers

Scilla siberica


Mertensia virginica - flower buds

Happy Spring!!!

To come: reports on a few long runs and races, some equipment and clothing reviews and maybe a little knitting.


Megan said...

yaaay spring! It rained today, and was 40, and Margot and I ran our longest run ever! 30miles. Oofta.

Londell said...

Nice photo's... Saw some of the same today and it is NICE.

wildknits said...

Thanks Londell - spring is a good thing!

Megan - you and Margot rock! Long runs are tough in and of themselves, but rain and 40 degrees.... brrrr!!!

Chris said...

I saw daffodils on Saturday!

Jean said...

We noticed those colorful little buds opening up on the hazelnut shrubs this weekend as well. How great to see! It is wonderful to have some green color showing up as well. The leaves are starting to pop down here in the metro!