Friday, September 11, 2009

Off to the island

Leaving for Grand Marias soon. Tomorrow we board the ferry at 7:30 am CDT, arrive Windigo at 10:00am CDT and thus begins my vacation. Here is to calm seas!

Good luck all you Superior Trail racers! It is a warm one today for the 100 milers. Hoping the cool breeze I can feel in Duluth is gracing the runners up north.

Home on the 20th, anticipate a blog entry about what I saw and did (hopefully better than the spring version that I never finished) sometime there after.

May 2009 - Isle Royale


Chris said...

Hope you had a great trip! And belated happy birthday. :) Obviously, I'm still not caught up from my vacation...

wildknits said...

Nor am I! It was a great trip - hoping to get a post up soon, but not today as I just rolled in from southern Minnesota and am beat!

Thanks - it has been a great birthday week (last bits of it celebrated with sister and her family today.