Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Three flats = 15 quarts

Majority are now in the freezer, small amount (depending on your definition of small) were ingested on the way home from the field. Berries are from Finkes' Berry Farm, Wrenshall, MN.

Half Voyageur results are up at Northland Runner. My clock time was 5:01. Time on previous post was from my watch.

After a brief walk on Saturday (Lakewalk ~2.5 miles, including a hike up the stairs for a chocolate malt at Bridgeman's) and a 14 mile bike ride on Sunday (Munger Trail - Duluth out towards Esko and back) and a day off (other than walking up and down the hallways at work) I think I am ready for a nice short run on the SHT. Right now I am thinking of heading out from home and doing an out and back. Will include hills, roots and rocks - it is the SHT after all.


Chris said...

Mmm.... strawberries.

Here it's very rainy today.

Doug said...

We made it down to Finke's back on Saturday. Four flats of strawberries gave us six batches of jam, one strawberry pie, two quart bags in the freezer (along with the 8 still left from last year's picking), one batch of homemade ice cream, and a couple of quarts left over for munching. Yum!!! We're going back at least once to get enough for another pie. Nothing like a berry pie with fresh picked Finke's strawberries. I look forward to this three weeks all year long.

wildknits said...

They are quite yummy and I think I may have very well overindulged yesterday on the drive home ;-> Not that it stopped me from eating more last night or this morning.

Will freeze most of these for this winter and depending on how quickly we get them in the freezer it may be tempting to go get more.

Doug, you and Susan are rockstars of preserving! We finished off the last of the 2008 strawberries Sunday night (mixed with the last of this years rhubarb crop).

Wayne said...

Strawberries... yum!