Saturday, June 06, 2009

Update on long run

Well, got a later start than hoped for, but finished the 24 miles in 5:05. Not too much mud on the trail (almost none = we are in a drought). Lots of hills and some pretty technical trail at times. There is a section from Magney-Snively to Spirit Mountain that had me stumbling and feeling pretty low. Not very runnable due to all the sharp, pointy rocks in the trail (beware those thinking of running the Wild Duluth Races).

Other highlights:

yellow lady slipper
canada mayflower
purple clematis (just finished blooming)
large-flowered trillium
nodding trillium

turkey vulture taking off through the woods (usually see them over rocky outcrops) - made me wonder how bad I looked... or smelled.

Ran the first 15+ on my own, then met up with a friend for the last 9 miles. Some serious climbing in that section (though it was past the 135 steps - what a bugger those were!) so it was nice to have company at that point.

Feeling a lot more prepared for the Half Voyageur after today's run. Will get in a few more long runs and then take it easy until race day. Still working out fueling options, used the shot blocks for the first two hours then tried some pretzels. They really hit the spot. Kept going back to them, along with adding some Ultima to my water. Eventually tried some gel - nasty taste, but washed it down with a lot of water/Ultima and it did what it was supposed to. Felt good until the end(even like I could have done more - if I had to ;->).

Not sure how much water/Ultima I drank. Filled the Camelbak before I took off (32+ oz). Had drank less than half I think when I topped it off at 10 miles with Ultima. Then I topped it off again at 17 miles. Finished with about 16 ounces left in the bladder. So, figuring I drank around 12 - 16 ounces before each refill, must have got at least a quart of fluid in overall.

Probably lost that much just out of my nose! Today was one of those days where my sinuses just kept producing. Very annoying, especially once I took off the long-sleeved shirt and had just a t-shirt, shorts and my hands for drainage control.

Weather on the run:

When I started in Jay Cooke it was in the low 40's (45 at my house), sunny and not much wind. As the morning progressed the wind picked up, it clouded over and when I finished the run it was 51 degrees. With a wind out of the northeast it was important to keep moving (or add a layer). Perfect weather for a long run, but if it doesn't start warming up soon I may be in trouble if race day is hot!

I run with a cell phone (just in case and so family can check in as needed - and they do). Today I got a call from a family friend (my kids age). What the heck?! I was less than cordial when answering only to be greeted by a kid in tears. Oh no!! Once I got her calmed down, discovered she had gotten injured, couldn't get ahold of her parents, so called me for medical advise and for surrogate parenting. Luckily we were heading up hill at the time so was content to walk and could triage her in addition to calming her down. Boy, did I feel guilty for being crabby when I answered the call (and boy am I glad I answered it). Luckily she is fine and now knows what to do if her symptoms worsen. Just cause they are over 18 doesn't mean they still don't need their parents!

It is grad party season so I am off to create a card and get my post-long run walk in on my way to a party.

Jim reminded me: Good luck to all the folks doing tri's this weekend!!! Too many races happening all at the same time.


Jim in Big lake said...

Not sure why we have to deal with frost warnings and 40 degree daytime temps now, isn't it June?

Quality of life, that's why we live in Minn !

nice runnin'

Jean said...

Wow, what a great training run. Very nicely done, and it sounds like it was a beautiful journey!

The purple that the vine-like plant that is also known as the purple virgin's bower? If so, my folks have a huge one that is still blooming up in their woods. A beautiful plant!

wildknits said...

Jim - great job on your triathlon - despite the cool temps! Today it is 47 degrees and we put the transplants in - couldn't wait any longer.

Jean - thanks! It was a fun run, other than the section where I kept stumbling over rocks:->

Purple clematis - yes large vining plant, pretty non-descript unless in bloom or when the seed pods develop (think einsteins hair). there is another plant commnly called virgin's bower - same family, blooms later - small white flowers. I am jealous of your folks!

Chris said...

Sounds like a scenic run!

Is it a bit muddier now up there? Definitely is here.