Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why I bailed on my long run...

Today's plan - run 14. Carefully figured out a route that would allow me to run with the Proctor group and get in the additional 9 miles and had a ride arranged so I could run home. The morning did not start well. Part of my plan involved getting out to the meeting point early enough to get 3 in before the rest of the group showed up. A late night and slow morning conspired to make that unworkable. No problem, can tack on 3 later in the run or.... acknowledge that I am participating in a race next Saturday and call 11 miles "good enough". Headed out nice and easy (goal was to actually run a LSD run) and within a quarter mile stopped to adjust my sock. Within a mile of that I stopped to adjust my shoe (left foot only). Finished the 5 mile loop knowing I had progressed from a hot spot to a blister to open skin. Ouch! Brought back memories of last spring when I battled blisters on one heel from my running shoes. Why now if all has been fine the past 8 months?

New shoes (I can hear the gasps already). Yesterday I had the time to get new running shoes and today - seeing as they were the same model I have been running in for years (and my current pair were desperately in need of retirement) - I decide to wear the new pair for the run. Didn't work out so well. Like I said, had a pair that did the same thing last year. The whole time I ran in them I had to pad my heel. Not sure what is up as the next pair (my current shoes) are just fine. Aggravating as all heck. Can't trade them in as they do not have another pair in my size. Consensus at the running store was to get a pair of pliers and soften 'em up in the back. the left shoe is noticeably firmer at the achilles notch then the right.

So - no long run today. But a good reason to break out the Chacos and initiate sandal wearing for the year!

Purchased (for the first time ever) two pair of running shoes yesterday. In addition to the evil heel eaters (other wise known as Saucony Grid Stabil 6 wide) I picked up a pair of Montrail Hardrock '08's. My first pair of trail shoes! I hear these are as close to stability shoes/motion control shoes as one gets in the trail running world. (I can hear a lot of talk of how you don't need that on trails but let me remind you I use orthotics in the Stabil's ;-> ).

Thought I would give these a try and see if I can wean myself into less motion control. Last spring and summer I ditched the orthotics (they are 3/4 length and slide around when wet) for trail running and did well until the week after the Half Voyageur when I ran 13 on the SHT from Silver Bay to Mt. Trudee and back. Too much, too soon and paid the price for most of the summer and fall with a crabby IT band and lots of pain.

If I can fix the heel problem it will be nice to have shoes to alternate. So far, no trail running yet. The snow and ice are just clearing from the trail and we are entering a time when the trails are quite fragile. The frost is a long way from being out of the ground and a lot of damage can be done by hitting the trails too soon. Trail Mix may be the first trail running I do this year. Hopefully I will be able to get back to running the SHT soon though as that is the only way to really be ready for the Superior 25k and, in July, Half Voyageur. Plus - trails are so much kinder to my joints and better for my soul than the roads.

OKC: The lace scarf is languishing in favor of the socks - which aren't making lightening progress either.

Other stuff: Reservations are made for the Isle Royale. I am excited to be out there in the spring and see what is blooming. Will have to carefully consider which field guides to bring along. I have a great guide to Spring Wildflowers in Minnesota, but it may not be of much help on the island ;-> May have to dig out the handheld magnifier... There is a weight limit for the ferry, 40 lbs per person, so will need to be careful about what I pack. The new tent is 5 lbs lighter than my old one so that should help ;->

Once done here I am heading out to peel the straw off our garlic bed and see how they are doing. This is our first attempt at growing garlic and I am excited to see what happens. 18 square feet ought to be enough don't you think?

It will be hard to come back indoors and focus on house work but I need to make some attempt at it. Since our friends accident we have not attended to the house much and it shows. Since I don't have the excuse of being tired from my run I think I have to actually do something about the house.

Enjoy the sunshine and warming temps!


Jim in Big lake said...

Ouch, hoping you find the answer, anxious to hit the trails in Sherburne Co. once I get outta Iowa, see ya at Trail Mix !


wildknits said...

Will sit down with pliers and the shoes and hope some strenuous twisting and turning will soften them up enough to make them functional. Otherwise invest in Bandaid stock as I will be buying lots of blister pads ;->

Chris said...

Poor feet. :( As someone with challenging feet, I can relate. (Shoes must have arch support, must not impede the ankle of my right foot, must not aggravate the incipient bunion on my left foot, etc.)

Wayne said...

Lisa, sorry to hear about the heel problems. Hopefully you can get things dialed in soon, the fun is about to begin! :)