Sunday, November 16, 2008

Deconstructing a mitten - a photo essay

Sit back and enjoy a series of photos detailing the ripping back of one of the bird mittens (while I research early signs of dementia - one possible reason I knit a whole mitten without noticing my error?):

What I love about shetland wool - it is 'sticky'. Unlike smoother yarns the stitches hang onto each other just enough that it was remarkably easy to pick up all those stitches. Now what to do with the thumb.... should I try to kitchener it back in place or rip it out? think I will wait until i finish the hand 9again) to tackle that problem.


Chris said...


wildknits said...

So far, so good. All stitches picked up. Yarn separated into two butterflies, ready to knit up again. Now to get the charts back out and figure out where I am on them. Might have them done by Christmas ;->

SteveQ said...

I once said I could hold an intelligent conversation on any subject except knitting. I'm starting to think that's a good thing. For what it's worth - that pattern's amazing, so it's probably worth doing right.

wildknits said...

Thanks Steve! It is worth doing right - hence the painful actions Sunday morning.

I could teach you to knit if you would like ;->

wildknits said...

The patterns are from Norway, a variety of sources. I combined the cuff with the hand patterns... This is the second pair of these I have knit - may be the last for awhile. At least until I forget how putzy they are ;->

Jim said...

I probably have less knitting knowledge than Steve, but darn nice looking mittens, and great looking wood floors !


wildknits said...

Thanks regarding the mittens!

Nice looking wood floors eh? Yeah - could use refinishing but maple flooring is hard to come by now a days isn't it. What is great are the occasional sections with birds eye maple ;->

Jenny said...

So sad!!! They were beautiful. Oh, and the size 13 socks look totally normal to me. :)


wildknits said...

I now think I know an abnormally high percentage of people with large feet!

The mittens will be resurrected - eventually - before christmas.