Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rock Angels

My niece Ella.

I asked her if she was making a "rock angel". "Yeah". Ever thought of trying that? Neither have I. Maybe next time.

Location: Corner of the Lake Beach, on the Lakewalk, Duluth, MN. One of those magical days in Duluth. We sat there watching the little ones throwing rocks in the lake, trying our hand at skipping stones, and just soaking in the Lake.

My nephew Zander throwing rocks. He loved the rocks and was happily entertained for an hour. Not so happy to leave. Rough ride home for his folks.

The evening at the beach was a perfect way to "top off" graduation day. Sarah is officially a high school graduate. Open house went well. Had the perfect amount of food. Great help for the party (Thanks Trina!!! and Ethan, Bev, Dave, Judy, Erik, Sarah and to Jon for all the cooking!).

Weather here has been a bit gloomy. No tornadoes though, so can't really complain. Would like the temps to get above the low 50's though! We went from high 70's - low 80's on Saturday and Sunday to the 40's on Wednesday. Today we seem to be hovering at 50. I hear there is sunshine south of town, but we are socked in with fog at my house. A lot of people are talking about how wrong it is to turn on the heat in June. We have been holding out, but when the house is below 60 degrees.... well, it is hard. Lots of fleece and down bootees are seen around here. Good thing I have knit so many afghans over the years!

Ran on Tuesday. Decided I needed to face the hills that had defeated me on Sunday's run. Started on the Haines Rd end of the SHT and ran up to Piedmont knob, then took the unofficial snowmobile trail west to where the SHT crosses it, got on the SHT and ran to where a spur trail links it with the Piedmont ski trail and ran that back to the trailhead parking lot. Run went well, lots and lots of climbing, not too wet, and all done within a half hour as I had to get to a board meeting. Managed to cut myself (with my shoe?!?) within the first 5 steps out on the trail. Still have no idea how that happened.

Lack of sleep since Friday finally caught up to me Wednesday and combined with the cruddy weather I spent my evening drowsing on the couch curled up under a wool afghan. Still tired today, so bailed on the planned run and will get out tomorrow.

Coming up:

Trail Maintenance Hike on the Superior Hiking Trail in Duluth
Friday June 20th
3:00 pm
24th Ave. W to Twin Ponds (1.7 miles)
Tools provided
RSVP to me in the comments if you are interested in participating.

June 14th is World Wide Knit in Public Day ( There are no events listed in Duluth, but maybe there are some near you. I don't have much planned for that day: 15 mile run in the morning (no knitting involved!) and then we will see. If the weather is nice maybe a visit to the beach with my knitting.

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Chris said...

I'm so glad the graduation festivities went well! We maybe hit 70F today, but I swear there was a windchill. Brrrr!