Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Long awaited pictures of the most recent knitting (and maybe a few flowers - we shall see how it goes ).

EZ's Surprise sweater knit from one strand of fingering weight wool held together with a strand of sock wool. Great way to start using up those odd balls of sock wool I have hanging about (and those skeins of fingering weight I am sooooo drawn to).

Well, I am still waiting for photos to load... should be interesting to see where they end up in this post. The sweater is for my new nephew, now 4 months old.

I was going to upload photos of the scarf that I designed and knit for a silent auction but I would rather go to bed at this point. I promise I will try to post in less than a month with the scarf photos and some of the wildflowers that were blooming in early June.

Just a hint on the scarf (still waiting for the uploading of pictures to be accomplished - and yes Chris, I did use the smallest image size :-> ):

Knit in fingering weight shetland wool. lace pattern from a Barbara Walker treasury. I called it the Vine Lace scarf. Finished size (after blocking) was 7.5 " x 46.5". I have no idea what it went for at the silent auction. Can't even remember what I set the value at.

I am currently working on another scarf (after finishing a striped hat for a friend) from the same pattern. I did modify it to be a bit narrower = one less pattern repeat. This time I am using blue - wait for it - fingering weight yarn. I am sure pictures will appear some day.


Chris said...

:) Bummer about the pictures!

Lisa said...

I think I forgot your trick of making them smaller on iphoto before trying to upload - at least that is what I think i did before. I am up for another try soon.